We’ve wrapped up with yet another awesome event with Gridlife at Willow Springs – Street of Willow!

This event featured the tightest racing yet, with five competitors all finishing within 13 seconds of each other in one race, and an incredibly strong midfield of three all finishing within 2 seconds of each other in another race! It was a blast to watch, and to participate in!

Steven Case took an early lead, qualifying first by 3/10ths of a second over Drew Peterson. David Schlessman also qualified strong in 3rd place, only 7/10ths of a second off pace. The rest of the field wasn’t far behind, with the top six competitors all qualifying within 2 seconds of each other.

Race #1 saw Steven capitalize on his rapid pace, moving up from fifth to first place in 9 laps and finishing P1. Drew wasn’t far behind finishing second only 1.5 seconds behind! Jesse Tong took 3rd, with a fast-lap only a half-second off Steven.

With rewards weight added, we entered Race #2. It was another tight race that saw David get out to an early lead and hold it long enough to take P1! Steven and Jesse weren’t far behind, finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Next, we entered Race #3. Steven had established a lead, but anything can happen and there were still plenty of points to be had. Despite carrying over 100lbs of rewards weight, Steven continued to show off his skill and worked his way from 4th to 1st and another P1 finish! Though, with Jesse and Drew putting laps in only a half-second off, he knew the final race wouldn’t be so easy.

Finally, we entered the 4th and last race of the weekend. Drew turned it up a notch, not only driving to a solid P1 finish, but also putting down the fastest lap of the weekend by a half-second! Steven continued his dominant run, finishing 2nd, with Jesse not far behind in 3rd!

When it was all said and done, your final standings looked like this:

1Steven Case226​
2Drew Peterson172​
3David Schlesman132​
4Morgan Higham116​
5Jesse Tong148​
6Rudolph Xu92​
7Chad Martin52​
8Issac Arciaga24​

A big congratulations to all of our competitors! We can’t wait for Laguna Seca in a few weeks, where we expect an even larger field, and stiffer competition!