We wanted to provide an overview of the components available to competitors for the Model 3 Challenge. The combination of these parts turns the Model 3 from mild to wild on the track, and still retains a very comfortable and compliant ride on the street. It also furthers our goal of reasonable running costs in this Series by maximizing tire and brake component life, battery life, and motor life. Please note that this is not a list of required modifications, but rather the recommended build.

Mountain Pass Performance has sponsored and helped to develop this series with the goal of making amateur electric vehicle racing accessible to the masses. As such, many of the components we have selected for the Series will be MPP products. With several years of testing in the field by consumers, MPP has proven to develop high-quality, top-performing, and cost-effective parts for the Model 3 Chassis.

MPP Sports Coilovers/MPP Super Sport Springs/ MPP Lightweight Rear Spring Arms – Selecting an appropriate damper and spring configuration that is comfortable on the street, capable on the track, and resistant to inclement weather can be quite the challenge. It was also important to select a setup that didn’t add noise and take away from the EV experience. We feel we have done that here with the selection of the KW built MPP Sports Coilovers paired with their Super Sport Springs. The range of adjustability in the dampening ensures that you retain a supple and complaint ride on the road and turn the car into a sharpened knife on the track.

MPP 365mm Front BBK (Non-Performance Brakes)/MPP Two-Piece Front Rotors (Performance Brakes) – It is well documented that the stock Tesla brakes were not designed for road course use. One of the potent issues with the brakes stems from the lack of thermal capacity. Both options presented here offer an increase in thermal capacity and better heat dissipation through properly vented discs. Add in your choice of high-performance brake pads and fluid, and braking concerns are a thing of the past.

Stainless Steel Brake Lines – A cost-effective and easy way to improve brake pedal feel and prevent spongy and unpredictable braking characteristics. A good idea when you are planning your next fluid change!

MPP Front Upper Control Arms – In our effort to ensure amicable running costs, and keeping the competition between the drivers, and not the cars, we have selected a spec front upper control arm. The Model 3 is notorious for outer edge tire wear when using stock, non-adjustable camber settings. These arms will allow for about -3 degrees of negative camber. This not only improves tire life, but helps with turn-in and handling characteristics, a win all around!

Rear Camber Arms – While outer edge wear is not as much of a concern on the rear axle, it is still important to use all the tread of the tire in a competitive event, and adjustable rear camber arms will help to accomplish that. We generally recommend about -2 to -2.5 degrees of negative camber in the rear.

Rear Toe Arms – Consistency, repeatability, and ease of adjustments are important, especially in a competitive environment. The stock rear toe adjusters utilize a cam-bolt which are difficult to adjust with any precision. Aftermarket adjustable rear toe arms will allow for quick and precise adjustments at any time.

MPP Solid Front Lower Control Arm Bearings – The stock front lower control arm bushings are highly prone to excessive movement and deformation, especially under heavy cornering. The MPP replacements solve this problem by utilizing a sealed spherical bearing. Additionally, there is a known concern of the inner arm to subframe bolts backing out under heavy load, which is solved using this kit by distributing the lateral loads more evenly across the subframe. Better grip, improved safety.

MPP Caster Adjustable Compression Rod Bearings – Like the FLCA bushings, the stock compression arm bushings are highly prone to excessive movement and deformation, in this case especially under heavy braking. This dual-purpose replacement bearing not only solves the excessive movement concerns, but also adds the ability to increase caster, further improving the handling characteristics of the chassis.  

MPP Rear Drive Unit Oil Cooler – While the Model 3 rear motor does feature a coolant to oil heat exchanger in stock form, it is overworked in a road course environment which causes both the coolant and the oil to overheat. With the addition of a true external oil cooler, overheating of the rear motor is no longer a concern. Simple, yet effective. Making sure the fluid level is correct is important!

MPP MoTeC C125 Display with Logging – The pinnacle of data-acquisition, display, logging, and analysis. This is a fantastic tool to utilize with real-time data during competition as well as post-competition historical data. If you are trying to find tenths of a second, this will get you there. An added bonus is ensuring that all competitors are adhering to the ruleset.

MPP Partybox – There is no option from the factory other than on the Performance models to reduce traction and stability control. The Partybox takes it one step further by offering the ability to customize or fully disable your traction control settings beyond what the factory offers. Think of this as a great way to unlock the “fun” potential in your Model 3.

MPP Cooling Party Controller – An easy way to pre-condition the car for your road course needs. This module will ramp the cooling system up to cool the battery pack and drive unit(s) even when parked or charging, something the factory won’t offer even on Performance models! This is required on warmer days where track temperatures are well above ambient. And, when you consider the amount of Supercharging you may be doing in a weekend, you are going to need a way to cool the car off quickly prior to competition.