We are only two months away from the first Festival Event of the Season – Circuit Legends at Lime Rock Park! This event is sure to be a blast, encompassing the entirety of the GRIDLIFE experience. From Drifting, to Time Attack, to GLTC Races, and of course the Model 3 Challenge; Circuit Legends 2024 will be another incredible motorsports experience for spectators and participants alike!

2023 Recap:

Our inaugural event of the series, Circuit Legends 2023, brought extremely tight electric vehicle competition to GRIDLIFE.


  • Only TWO points separated our 1st and 2nd place finishers!
  • Only SIX points separated our 3rd and 4th place finishers!
  • The fastest competitor of the weekend was within 17 hundredths of a second to the next competitor!
  • Competitors had nearly 120 minutes of track-time all to themsleves!
  • AWD variants were able to run 15+ minute races without current limiting!
  • Our final race featured several lead changes and over a dozen passes!

Update – Highland Performance:

We are in the process of fully vetting the Highland Model 3 Performance for use in the Model 3 Challenge. The Standard Range and Dual Motor variants are already approved for use, and we expect the Performance to gain approval in the coming weeks. If you haven’t already had an opportunity, check out our coverage on the Highland Model 3 Performance below!

Join the Model 3 Challenge at Lime Rock Park!

If you’re interested in participating in the Model 3 Challenge Festival event at Lime Rock Park, we’ve made it easier than ever to compete. All you need are the following.

  • Racing Brake Pads (G-LOC, Carbotech, Pagid, Endless, etc)
  • DOT-4 Racing Brake Fluid (ATE TYP-200, Motul RBF600, Castrol SRF, etc)
  • EVRS HVIL Disconnect
  • MPP Cooling Party Controller (Available as a Rental)
  • Eight Documented HPDE Events (Or Approval from Admin Team)

This entire package can be put together for well under $1,000 when renting the CPC. So what are you waiting for – come join the fastest growing EV-only Racing Series in North America!