Hello Everyone! Thank you all so much for your interest in the series. We’ve finally nailed down the rulebook enough to be able to share a draft version with you all. In addition, we are going to use this post to help describe our goals and our thinking behind some of the parts required by the series.

After speaking with a number of potential competitors, it was clear that a lower cost of entry for the first season was something that was very important. Our future vision of the series is something where all cars are the same, so that competitors know that they are just competing driver against driver. This is a format that is extremely common in racing, in everything from SCCA MX-5 cup to Porsche GT3 Cup among other similar series.

However, as we want to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible, we are allowing a wide range of parts where there is a small or negligent performance difference, and also allowing OE components for those who are willing to sacrifice some lap time in order to save some money.

Please note that as the series grows, our intention is to move in the direction noted above. We want to be fully transparent about that now so that don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Suspension Spec:

We’ve decided to make the MPP Sports Coilovers + MPP FUCA the core suspension components that are required for two main reasons.

Number one is to ensure that we can control the maximum camber that competitors are able to use, and to know that the links cannot be shortened to a point where dangerous chassis interference may occur.

Number two is that if left open – competitors would naturally gravitate towards full racing suspension which would totally deteriorate road comfort for those who use their vehicles for daily driving, and drive up the cost for all competitors. The reality is that this is the case for most drivers, and until there is a solid field of competitors that use their vehicles only for competition, this rule will remain in place. A friendly warning, competitors who are found to be re-valving dampers will be given a very strict penalty, and this is an easy thing to determine from logged data 🙂

Electronics Spec:

One of the things which makes the series so viable is the fact that MPP has available electronics which can control the power output of the vehicle, and full disable stability control on non-performance cars.

To keep things even between AWD and Performance vehicles, track mode will not be allowed. Therefore, the MPP cooling party controller and party box are required.

The MoTeC data logger is a little bit of a cost outlay for some competitors, and we know that it is a big investment if you’re on the fence about making a full-season commitment to the series. For that reason, we are considering building some rental loggers for those who want to try out the series.

The logger is actually one of the most critical components to us making the series work, as it allows us to review vehicle data and ensure that no funny business is going on. In the future, we even hope to use these displays to send information to the drivers in real-time – something that is state of the art and used only in the highest levels of motorsport!

Aerodynamic Spec:

For the opening season, aerodynamics will be blocked. For cars equipped with front lips, these can generally be removed easily. Rear wings can generally be unbolted from their mounting stays on the trunk, so it is much easier for competitors to remove the aerodynamic components then it is to add them.

As many competitors use their vehicles on the road, it is likely that most do not want a large wing hanging off the back of their four-door sedan (we think its cool!) which is totally understandable.

MPP Sponsorship Rebate:

Originally there was a thought to offer a “package discount” for anyone who was building a vehicle for the Model 3 Challenge, but we realized this wasn’t fair to those who already have purchased MPP parts in the past.

Instead, MPP is offering a participation sponsorship in the form of an entry fee discount based on a percentage of the value of products purchased directly from MPP at retail prices. These credits can be applied towards the entry fee for each Model 3 Challenge event, up to $250 per event. This credit can be applied towards the entry fee to one event for $250, and then another for $250 until the total credit has been consumed.

Parts that have already been discounted (i.e. Black Friday sales or sponsorships) are not eligible for the credit. Dealers can offer their own similar programs as they see fit. Full details will follow in the coming months.

Download October Draft Rulebook:

Enough words, here is the draft rulebook. We very much look forward to hearing how it doesn’t suit your specific circumstance perfectly and how you’d like us to change the rulebook to suit YOU better. Ah, the joys of racing, right?