Welcome to the Model 3 Challenge! You’ve taken your first steps towards participating in the premiere amateur electric vehicle racing series in North America. Let’s dive right in.

Already own a Model 3? Perfect. If not, don’t fret – there’s hundreds of thousands built every year. This racing series utilizes the Long Range RWD version of the Model 3 as the baseline. However, any variation can participate. Dual Motor variants will have power limited, and Standard Range variants have a weight advantage.

All vehicles will be built to the same specifications utilizing aftermarket parts that make the Model 3 a capable and enjoyable track vehicle. We’re solving the platform’s concerns, such as braking and tire wear, while adding speed with adjustable Coilovers and suspension arms. The end result is a fast car that can run for a solid 15-minutes. All data will be electronically logged to ensure adherence to the rules and competition between the drivers, not the cars. If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a competitive environment with an electric vehicle – look no further.

The focus of this series is on fun and the promotion of electric vehicles. No one wants to go home with a broken or damaged car, and if that’s what you are into this series is not for you. We’re doing our best to keep the running costs and cost of entry reasonable. It helps that gas is $5/gallon. Do you want to use your Model 3 Challenge car as a dual-purpose track car and daily driver? Great news – you can. We’ve specifically selected a racing format that will not require a cage, though it is optional for those who want it. We’ve driven our test vehicles to and from work (far too often if you ask me) to ensure a compliant and tolerable ride. It’s no Cadillac, but the stock ride sure isn’t either!

Have we piqued your interest? If so, please reach out and let us know you are interested – hello@model3challenge.racing. The series begins in 2023 – time to get to wrenching!