We’re excited to formally introduce a new format for 2024 – Club Events! Model 3 Challenge Club Events will be run similar to a typical Time Attack format. In addition, the only modifications needed to your Model 3 are racing brake pads and brake fluid!

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MassTuning TrackFest

We’ve partnered with New England’s most prominent grassroots track day organizer – MassTuning. With over thirty events this year, we look forward to a continued partnership to bring electric vehicle competition to the racetrack. MassTuning runs relaxed and fun track day events and Time Attack’s throughout the year in the north east. If you want more track time, make sure to sign up for their events!

Canaan Motor Club

Canaan is a relatively new racetrack to the NorthEast, having opened in 2016, and features a 1.3 mile racetrack with eleven turns. The track features fast sweepers, tight technical sections, off-camber corners and elevation changes – perfect for an electric platform! With plenty of runoff and a friendly design, you can get up to speed quickly!

Canaan’s management is environmentally conscious and forward thinking. The track had already installed five Level 2 Chargers, and thanks to Mountain Pass Performance’s donation, will soon have nine Level 2 chargers available at the track! These chargers, combined with the motor club’s massive 30kW+ Solar System help to support electric vehicle racers.

Photo by Lindsay Grant at Life Essence Photography

Time Attack Format

Competitors will be given practice and multiple competition sessions per day, allowing ample time to set a single fast lap. The fastest lap of the event dictates the winner! Competitors will be ranked based upon their fastest time of the weekend.

Highland Model 3

We’ve performed enough validation on the Highland platform to officially welcome them to our Club Events! So, whether new or old, please come out with your Model 3 and join us for an exciting weekend in New Hampshire!