We’re excited to officially announce the return of the Model 3 Challenge for the 2024 Season! We look forward to expanding on the success we had in our inaugural year. We’ll be featuring more events, more competition, and more ways to participate!

Club Events

The Model 3 Challenge Club events offer a more relaxed grassroots competition experience, with a focus on sharing your passion for electric vehicles on the racetrack with fellow enthusiasts. These events will feature a Time Attack style format, ensuring safety and fun for all!

2024 Club Event Schedule:

Canaan Motor Club – May 18-19, 2024

Festival Events

The Model 3 Challenge Festival events feature the most exciting grassroots EV racing in North America! In cooperation with GRIDLIFE, these events offer the premium motorsport experience. Don’t miss out on select Livestreamed races, thousands of onsite spectators, and a weekend of car culture celebration! This is your opportunity to show off how exciting and fun electric vehicles can be on a racetrack in front of thousands of people. Join us as we shape the future of Motorsports together!

2024 Festival Event Schedule:

Circuit Legends at Lime Rock Park – August 16-18, 2024

Laguna Festival at Laguna Seca – September 27-29, 2024

Thunder Hill Raceway Park – November 16-17, 2024

East + West Coast Championships

To lessen the burden of travel, we will be having an East Coast and West Coast championship for the 2024 Season. Points are a running total, so your chances of winning a Championship are directly tied to the number of events you attend!

Club Event Scoring

Scoring for the Club/Time Attack events will be tallied differently as compared to our Festival/Track Challenge events. There will be several sessions per day to allow competitors to set a fast lap. Points will be awarded at the end of each event as follows:

•             1st: 100 Points

•             2nd: 76 Points

•             3rd: 60 Points

•             4th: 48 Points

•             5th: 40 Points

•             6th: 32 Points

•             7th: 24 Points

•             8th: 16 Points

•             9th: 8 Points

•             10th: 4 Points

•             11th and below: 0 points

“Highland” Model 3

**UPDATE – All Highland Variants Approved**

New for 2024, Tesla has released their “Upgraded”, or “Highland” Model 3. We do not expect any significant changes from the original Model 3, both regarding on-track performance as well as suspension modification compatibility, or power limiting capabilities.